Ojas Maru Gujarat Upcoming Bharti 2018 : Ojas Online Jaherat

State of Gujarat introduces OJAS: Online Job Application System

Ojas Gujarat Upcoming Bharti – No one can live in this world without a job. A job is what gives life its meaning, a purpose, and for many, a job is what drives them forward in their life by giving them a reason to live on. Getting a job is not about earning one’s livelihood it is about their ability stand up for themselves and the ability to rely on themselves rather than on others. A job is best described as the power to “thrive” rather than to “survive”. The world is a big stage where each of us has a certain role to play, and therein lies the problem, as the play went on getting bigger and bigger the number of roles being available began to get smaller and smaller. Unemployment is one of the main hurdles faced by humankind today and it has been recognized as a leading cause for the poverty that is prevalent across the globe. As the technology level increases the world is slowly moving towards automation and on its way employment opportunities are what being sacrificed in its wake.

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Ojas Bharti 2018

The government of Gujarat realized this and has taken several excellent initiatives to curb and eliminate unemployment and its horrors from our beautiful state, the government has taken every measure available to eradicate illiteracy and have given our country people a fighting chance at making a better life for ourselves. Our government has introduced several plans and projects to produce millions of job opportunities for the qualified and the needy. However, this is not enough, just making job opportunities available cannot solve the unemployment problems, people need to be informed of them, they have to be made aware of them and they should need to know how to make use of them. Awareness is the key to eliminate illiteracy and it is the first step at destroying unemployment

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For this purpose, our government has introduced several websites and portals for the job seekers to search and find their own dream jobs, these websites offer real-time announcements and notifications regarding the available and upcoming job posts. This provides the job seekers a hassle free easy way to find and apply for jobs that are best suited for them. Landing a government job is not easy but every one hopes and dreams for it, No other job can offer the security and stability and the benefits the government job offers, and no high salaried private jobs cannot even be compared with it in any way. A government job offers us the pride of serving our nation, helping it thrive and bloom.

The Gujarat state recognizing this has created a website named OJAS or Online Job Application System especially for the candidates and aspirants who wish for a career on the distinguished Gujarat government services. This site was an extraordinary creation in the sense that it brought all the different departments, sectors and sections under the same roof for providing their job vacancies that are up for recruitment. Before OJAS the candidate or aspirants had to visit separate sites in order to find job opportunities that they were interested in, the OJAS website completely broke this norm and brought all of the government job opportunities into one single place irrespective of the differences in departments and sectors. This website has up-to-date notifications and announcements regarding the various job opportunities available within the Gujarat government and its adjoining sectors

Ojas Upcoming Bharti 2018

Bharti NameNo. Of VacancyQualificationExam Date
Revenue Talati353312th passFebruary 2018
Police inspector500+GraguateMay/june 2018
Nayab Mamalatdar700+GraguateMay/june 2018
Junior Clerk4400+12th passmarch 2018
senior Clerk4700+GraguateJune 2018
GPSC -|/||500+GraguateJune 2018
TET-1(પ્રાથમિક વિભાગ)1450P.T.CJune 2018
TET-૨(ઉચ્ચ વિભાગ)5600+BA-BedJune 2018
Staff Nurse2800+G.N.M.February 2018

The ojas website is kind of like a treasure trove for job seekers and can effectively change one’s life for the better should he strive for it. The website along with its companion that has made job-hunting as easy as sipping on a latte.

Ojas Bharati, Gujarat rojgar recruitment, ojas online jaherat these are the names that this site is known for within the state of Gujarat,  The Sanskrit term “ojas” means ” virility” which signifies strength and inner happiness, what better name is there to give this site which provides happiness and hopes to the millions who visit it looking for a brighter future

The OJAS website is an appreciative effort made by the Gujarat government to offer information about the various posts that are available for government recruitment on its multitude of sectors ranging from Police, high courts and banking industries to the textile, dairy and jewelry industries. Every year thousands of job offers are offered to the aspirants and most of the information relating to these government jobs are posted here in the ojas websiteas soon as they are made available, which makes it extremely convenient to the user who accesses it in hopes of finding a career. Any information or news about government jobs in Gujarat is bound to be first published on the ojas website so taking frequent looks over the website can tell you all about the latest job opportunities available on the government sectors. The ojas website is a one-stop solution for all your job needs.

Every day millions of people visit this site in hopes of landing a government job, but these extreme levels of web traffic have often caused the website to crash or became inaccessible. The government keeping this in mind has created a second iteration to this site that can tackle extreme levels of traffic without any problems or hitches. The website changed its address from ojas.guj.nic.in to “ojas.gujarat.gov.in”and this new and revamped site offers better accessibility to government job opportunities than the previous one. It offers an enhanced ability to search and apply for jobs quickly and keep a track of the application process from initiation to end, all in one place from the comfort of your home

The main features of OJAS Online jaherat website are:

  • Up-to-date news and notifications about available oncoming government jobs.
  • Simple and easy processes to apply for the desired posts.
  • Provides an in-depth look at the job advertisements made by the government
  • Offers forms and cards in PDF formats
  • Exam schedules and results are also published here
  • Easy and intuitive user interface.
  • One time registration function to enhance accessibility
  • Highly secured

Every of people visit this website for information about the current and upcoming job opportunities in the esteemed Gujarat government. This site host direct links to apply for any of the posts you want as well as links to download admit cards and other forms in PDF formats so they can be easily printed for offline uses It also has the ability to provide exam notifications and results that make it extremely useful to the user. The website offers an official app that is available on the Android platform that has almost all of the functionalities of the main website. This was made to ensure that anyone can be able to access this site from anywhere at any time irrespective of their devices and means, even if one does not have access to a computer, he can simply download this app at his own pace and  enjoy the merry goodness of the ojas website

The OJAS Android app offers these following features:

  • Job advertisements and notifications at the palm of your hands
  • Easily download your applications forms in ready to print formats
  • Can easily upload your photos and signatures
  • Hall tickets/ call letters are available on this app itself
  • Easily follow the status of your application
  • Can act as a means to recover lost or forgotten registration numbers
  • The app even works on older devices as long as they run on Android 4.0 ICS
  • The user interface is exceptional for its aesthetical minimalism and simplicity

A complete guide for the one-time registration process in ojas.gujarat.gov.in

The official ojas website has a one-time registration process that needs to be completed by the candidates before they can apply for the posts that they want, but it is possible to skip this process and go straight into applying although you will lose several key benefits. The OTR process is mainly there in place to enhance the user experience of the site and it never has any real effect on the validity nor eligibility of the applications made.

The OTR function if clicked opens up a form that can be filled out by the candidate regarding his/her details and qualifications.This form can be used to apply for a larger number of job posts on this website irrespective of the nature of the jobs such as the department or sector it belongs to as long as they match the qualification criteria’s. This can get rid of the redundancy of filing separate application forms for different jobs that asks for the same qualifications and skills. This OTR process is extremely helpful for the candidates who are writing exams and have short amount of time to spend, but it does not give them an edge over the non-registered ones, rather it simplifies your own process of applying for jobs.

As I mentioned above the candidates can freely apply for any jobs that he seems fit by filling out their separate forms and entering it, The OTR can in no way interfere with the validity of the application that is being made or the eligibility of the candidate, it just makes the entire process simple and less repetitive.

Opting for the one-time registration is a rather simple process, all you have to do is visit the official OJAS Gujarat website ojas.gujarat.gov.in and click “registration” and then you need to click on “apply” at the top left bar to start the registration process. A new window will be opened where there is a form to be filled in that asks for your details such as name, address, qualifications, and experiences,along with this you have to also upload your own photo and signature as per the format specified there and that’s it. You will have successfully registered your OTR by now.  You can always change the details as per your wishes and it is very important to be up to date with them, but bear it in mind that when a form is filled in, the last saved data is what goes into it. Meaning that any new changes made to the OTR details after filling up a form will not be included in it. We recommend that you spend a few minutes setting up the OTR because it can save you a lot of time in the end.

The ojas website is not limited to the people of a certain state; people from other states can also apply for jobs here in Gujarat if they fulfill the eligibility criteria. The main aim of the ojas website initiative is to curb unemployment and so it does not discriminate anyone from having any jobs that they wish for.However, this website is mainly targeting the people of Gujarat, almost all of the jobs specified in this site is more or less is within the state of Gujarat.

The ojas online jaherat and ojas maru Gujarat and its companion apps have brought a slew of features to the fingertips of candidates and aspirants, using these can definitely have an impact over your chances at getting a government job. It has proven that with dedication and confidence and a little bit of help from ojas website, your dream of having a fulfilling government job does not need to remain as a dream forever. From its inception in 2006, the ojas website has stood as a beacon of brilliance over the shinning state of Gujarat showing thousands if not millions of aspirants their path to success and happiness

Inspired by the Gujarat Governments efforts, other states are also taking their own initiatives to eliminate unemployment from their own respective states. Following Gujarat’s precedence, many states are launching their own dedicated portal for aspirants to find jobs of their own desire and choice.

These tools, properly used can usher us in a world where unemployment is distant memory that is best left forgotten and OJAS is the first step towards that wonderful future.

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